(or "I was born with a Stage name")

Hi there,  ​

and welcome to my creative journey. My name is Calliope [ka-lee-oh-pea] and I write music as a means to keep my inner child alive. If the following statements align with your personal truth, then I think you'd enjoy singing along:

-Creative questions have no right or wrong answer

-The only danger in life is taking yourself too seriously

-The only luxury appliance you own is a Lemon Squeezer


Thank YOU for lending your ears

and opening your hearts to my wild imagination!


(or "The Perpetual Student of Life")


(or "Yes, I'm a Professional Weirdo")


(or "We all need a little 

validation sometimes")

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“We must get back to the idea of music as something in which everyone can participate."

-David Amram-