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Actualized Goals

-June 2023- West Coast Tour with Rebecca Egeland

-July 2022- Record Original Music in a High Profile Studio-

Dark Horse Studio in Franklin, TN

-July 2021- Perform a completely Original Show in a Black Box Theatre-

Shelby County Art Council- 'Learning to Love' Album Release Show

-Spring 2021- Write and Record a collection of Educational Children's music-

Commissioned by the JeffCoEd Art Bus 

-September 2019- Artist in Residency-

Funded by Alabama State Council on the Arts- Collaborating Artist Program- 

In partnership with Bridgeport Elementary School

- May 2019- Perform Original Music & Lead a Workshop at a Museum-

Montgomery Museum of Fine Art- FLIMP Festival

Goals in Development

-Spring 2023- Fall 2024- Share "From the Soil to the Stars" 100 times

                               Currently booked in AL, GA & KY Summer  2024

                               Prospective bookings in FL, LA, TN, NC, SC & OH

-Fall 2024-  Collaborate with Writers/Directors/Cinematographers to create a web series highlighting concepts within "From the Soil to the Stars."

Currently applying for Grant Funding

-Spring 2024-  Record an album of loop pedal improvisations at home

                                             Release on BandCamp


Future Goals


- Exclusive content for a community for Monthly Subscribers 

(e.g. Patreon, "Secret Demo Club)  

-Tour with Wanda Wesolowski aka The Wanda Band


​- Create a Performance Piece built entirely upon Audience Collaboration: improvisational story telling through music dance & visual art (the aim is to evoke a delightful experience for participants)

(Super inspired by Electric Blue Yonder's "MicroPARTY" Concept)

- Write & Perform a Theatrical One -Woman Show (driven by character monologues & loop pedal Music)


​- Podcast honoring & exploring my family's history (Currently collecting aural stories)

(These two may be related)

- Featured story on NPR


- Collaborate with a Chamber Orchestra


- Learn a Foreign Language (German? Spanish?)

- Artist in Residency in a Foreign Country

- Write an album in a foreign language

- Collaborate with Scientist (Vocal Pedagog and/or Psychologist and/or Sound Healer and/or Kinesiologist) to conduct a research project on music, emotions, and the physical body

- Learn how to play a fretless, bowed, string instrument (Violin? Cello?)


- Travel Eastward to study quarter tone Music


-Live & Work in Alaska for a year

- Establish an Arts Collective that enables all kinds of people to create all kinds of things

(I'm envisioning Visual Art for the blind, Music for the deaf, etc.)


- Perform a Tiny Desk Concert on NPR Music


- Open for tUne-yArDs

- Open for Zooey Deschanel


​- Co-write a children's album with Lisa Loeb


​- Write a Memoir

-World Tour

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