Record Music

-Putting all perfection aside and Capturing all of the songs I've written.

-Become proficient in utilizing the recording equipment I already have. 

-SHARE the Songs on Soundcloud.

-Group songs together, based on style and emotional context, and Release a Collection of EPs.

  • Collaborate with a Visual/Film Artist to create a Music Video

  • Establish my own Creative Community on Patreon

  • Tour South East United States (15 Cities I've never performed in before)

  • Tour with Wanda Wesolowski

  • Tour with Rebecca Egeland

  • Create A Show that requires lots of audience collaboration, improvisational story telling and a lot of uninhibited self-expression (so basically, it'll sound like strange music to the casual observer, but will evoke a delightful experience for those willing to participate)

  • Write & Perform a Theatrical One -Woman Show (character monologue/music driven)

  • Perform in a Black Box Theatre

  • Have a podcast honoring my family history (Currently collecting aural stories)

  • Have a featured story on NPR

  • Collaborate with a Chamber Orchestra

  • Learn a Foreign Language (German? Spanish?)

  • Artist in Residency in a Foreign Country

  • Write an album in a foreign language

  • Play 1,000 SHOWS of original material (Music/Monologues/Movement)

  • Collaborate with a Vocal Pedagog (and/or a Psychologist) to conduct some type of vocal/emotional research 

  • Learn how to play a fretless, bowed, string instrument (Violin? Cello?) 

  • Travel Eastward to study quarter tone Music

  • Establish an Arts Collective that ENABLES ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE TO CREATE all kinds of things (Visual Art for the blind, Music for the deaf, etc.)

Crazy BIG


  • Perform a Tiny Desk Concert on NPR Music

  • Go on tour with tUne-yArDs

  • Collaborate with/Open for Regina Spektor

  • Collaborate with Jacob Collier

  • Co-write a children's album with Lisa Loeb

  • Perform Music AND Act on an episode of SNL

  • Write a Memoir

  • Personal Pilots License

  • World Tour



  • December 2017- Graduate from The University of Montevallo- Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance (Summa Cum Laude)

  • May 2019- Perform Original Music & Lead a collaborative Music Workshop at a Museum (FLIMP Festival at Montgomery Museum of Fine Art)

  • September 2019- Artist in Residency- Bridgeport Elementary School (Funded by Alabama State Council on the Arts as past of their Collaborating Artist Program)

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“We must get back to the idea of music as something in which everyone can participate."

-David Amram-