Tricky Game/(Untitled)

In spring of 2018 I was inspired to write this pair of songs; The first has got an "indie" hip-hop vibe and second celebrates heartbreak with a jazzy little mandolin tune. Huge thanks to Joe DeVita for accompanying me on Guitar during the second tune! 


This video was filmed in one of the most colorful basements in all of Birmingham, AL, by an incredible group of friends/musicians (Bham's favorite psychedelic/dream/rock band Soul Desert).

Hey There  (Or Learning to Love)

This song was filmed at Enlightened Studios in Fort Walton Beach, FL.


Wherever you're watching, I hope you sing along to remind yourself that we're all here on this planet doing one thing, "Learning how to Love."



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Episode 49 of

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A conversation with Elliot Cliffton, from

Plain Ordinary Dragon "P.O.D." Cast

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“We must get back to the idea of music as something in which everyone can participate."

-David Amram-

RED Hills Brewing

Captured by Robert Stewart of Floating World Images in Homewood, AL