• Calliope Pettis

It's kind of like... My Public Journal!

If you’ve heard my songs,  You know what I’m all about. If we’ve had a conversation, You know I (try my best to) listen,  Before I speak my mind.

And If you decide to hang out here, I will unapologetically share Another layer of my personal truth

with YOU!

I am truly grateful to have YOU here :)

To me, this blog is a way for me to document

my journey as I strive to become a better Writer,  Musician, Story Teller,  Songstress, Conversationalist, Honest-Speaker, Truth-Seeker, Perfromer, Explorer,  Human,  & Poet.

A place to reinterpret

the past

A place to examine

the present

A place to reevaluate

what I want for myself

and the lives I hope to impact in

the future

Welcome, my Friends!

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“We must get back to the idea of music as something in which everyone can participate."

-David Amram-