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Taking Action- Setting Goals!

Hi, my name is Calliope Pettis and I'm learning how to set clear goals for myself!

Photo with my Accompanist Dr. Lynn Faulkner and Voice Teacher Dr.Melanie Williams. Spring 2017 when I placed 1st at NATS!

In school, I was the perfect students. My teachers set the bar high and I always rose to the occasion, often going above and beyond what was expected of me. I thrived on a source of motivation that was completely external; I was hungry for that A+ and the approval of others!

When I graduated from college two years ago, I was excited to know that it was my turn to set goals & rise to the occasion of my own expectations. But when I noticed that my motivation would have to shift from an external source to an internal source, I struggled...

I entered a stage of my career that I refer to as the "letting life happen to me" era. I was (and am!) truly enjoying life; writing songs, practicing vocal technique, teaching myself how to play stringed instruments, frequenting open mic nights, dabbling in the world of videography (filming and editing), accepting teaching gigs as they were offered to me (workshops and private lesson students), accepting performance gigs (three. hours. of cover music... Yikes!), and opening local shows for touring acts (yay for 1 hour sets of original music!).

Last month, I was invited to play a show with a group from the north east called Pocket Vinyl. Eric sings original songs accompanied by his rock piano; while Elizabeth uses her oil paints to improvise a new masterpiece every night! They're passionate. They're proactive. And they have inspire me to SET CLEAR GOALS for myself; because they've set clear goals for themselves >>>>>>>>>

Eric, Elizabeth, Me and Jacquie Cotillard (your trusty operator at

And then it hit me, all of the opportunities I had taken advantage of in the past two years seemed to have happen by accident (I was working hard, but working with no specific goal in mind).Then, I began to wonder... if all of these things have happened to me by accident, without having set clear goals, then what in the world am I capable of if I'd just buckle down, set goals, break them into attainable steps, AND actually start working toward them!?

The past two years of wandering around, letting life happen to me were a good thing! I got to explore different avenues of growth, build unique skill sets and learn something from everyone I had the pleasure of meeting! None of that is going to change. But the way I chase my dreams has got to!

P.S. No matter how much hard we work toward our goals,

we only eve end up spinning our wheels if we don't learn how to "work smart" towards our goals.

Working Smart = Learning how to ask for help

So check out my goals >>>>>

And let's start a conversation:

How can we help each other reach our goals?!

Can I serve your community with any of the goals I have in place?

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