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Providing tools for everyone to

Tune In to their Inner Musician

Museums - Libraries ~ Classrooms ~ Private Events 

Heartbeat is the Rhythm

The way I speak is my Melody

And I can get along- that's Harmony! "

CZ Calera-224
Flimp Bunny
Montevallo Elementary

"Calliope is a lover of life and, it radiates with everything she does. 

My students dance around her and sing her songs. She connects with children and adults like no other. Her voice makes you want to sing and with her encouragement and guidance, you will!"


Jessica Atchison,

Calera Elementary School

 "Miss Calliope is doing wonderful things with her music. It was so refreshing watching the young people interact with her... In this era of seeming detachment, she provides real human connection and caring."


Lou Columbus

Local Artist, Panama City, FL

moderately interactive

A concert experience of Original Educational Music; exploring topics in Earth Science and Language Arts.

Music & Mindfulness

Highly interactive

Empowering students to use their breath, body and voice to express themselves more effectively.

highly Personal & Interactive

Voice Lessons, Feedback on Songwriting and Mentorship for anyone seeking to deepen their creative practice. All ages welcome.

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